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Hodja's Watermill Museum

“Hodja’s Watermill” Museum is located in the housing centre of the Community. Following below is some information regarding Hodja’s Watermill:

Hodja’s Watermill was built in a large estate which, according to Manoloudes*, used to belong to Savvas Kakos before being confiscated in 1821. At the estate Hodjas built a flour mill powered by water. In particular, using the power of the water the mill mechanism would start rotating thus setting the mill in operation. 

What is worth mentioning is that an olive-oil presser was also built on the same grounds and then, in 1960, after the mill was inherited by Hodja’s grandchildren, Osman Bei and Moustafa Bei, the Mill was upgraded to a fully functional unit. In particular, according to Manoloudes*, “there was a mill for wheat, barley, feed, cotton, as well as an olive-oil presser with a modern separator” (p.41). Additionally, Osman Bei used to own the well-known drillings. In 1963, however, after the bi-communal unrest all the above were destroyed. Some years later, in 1968, Osman Bei restored the drillings and his country house. In fact, the drillings are still in operation.


*Georgios M. Manoloudes, “Akaki – History and Tradition”, April 2001 

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